Hardscapes in Irvine

Our staff at Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. appreciates the beauty of nature hardscape materials and the functionality they bring to any outdoor space. What would it be like to walk into a Irvine backyard, no matter how gorgeous the greenery, and not find any paths, seating areas or fencing? It would seem as though you were entering a forest; everything is lovely, but there are no usable areas.

This problem is easy to remedy: simply call Irvine’s hardscaping experts at Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc.. Our rates are competitive and our skill and experience in creating beautiful landscapes using hardscaping is second-to-none. Whether you choose glass, stone, metal, or brick to adorn your property, call our number and ask for a free quote!

Residential and Commercial Hardscaping Services

Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. offers professional results at competitive rates. Transform your home or business and leave it looking sharper than ever thanks to our skills and experience. Whether you choose to take advantage of our hardscaping services as part of a full landscape design package or as a one-time add on to your existing landscape, you can’t go wrong when partnering with us. We offer the following services:

  • Hardscape Design and Planning
  • We will design a comprehensive plan that clearly outlines your goals for your property to better determine the package best suited for your budget. One of our expert hardscape designers will sit down with you to make sure any questions you may have about your design plan are answered.

    Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. works using our wide network of industry contacts to help source affordable and durable materials to make your vision come to life. If your design plan includes elements that require additional contractors or architects, such as backyard ponds or streams, we can put you in touch with people we trust.

    We make designing your ultimate hardscape additions to your property a breeze!

  • Hardscaping Installation
  • From breaking ground to laying down pavers or constructing a beautiful pergola to make your property stand out, Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. is the number one choice for hardscape installation and construction here in Irvine.

    When you partner with us, you can be sure every aspect of the installation process will go smoothly as can be. Our team will show up on-time and quickly deliver the expert results you expect.

  • Hardscaping Repair and Maintenance
  • If your property already has hardscaping but it’s looking a little worse for wear, call Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. for repair and refinishing. Minor cracks, broken support beams, or a pergola that’s a little past its prime is no match for our team of experts. We’ll refill, repair, or replace any part of your hardscaping that needs a little TLC. Or, if you want to keep your property looking beautiful for longer, trust us for regular maintenance to preserve your investment!

Our Approach

Hardscapes are what tell us where to walk, where the property ends and which areas are designated for visitors to your outdoor space. The options for materials are myriad, and they all can be used in many different ways. Here are some of the beautiful options we can incorporate into your landscape.

Natural Materials to Improve Your Landscape

Because hardscaping materials mostly come from nature, they can blend seamlessly into your landscaped areas to present an organic feel that also happens to highly functional. In Irvine, we can put any of these options to work in your perfect design:

  • Wood: Long the most traditional choice in backyards, wood is available in many different colors, grains and shapes. It still is the preferred choice for decking materials and fencing because it brings a warm, natural feel to any space.
  • Stone: There are many types of stone work that can be used as hardscape materials, such as flagstone in a pathway, slate tiles for a patio surface or loose pea gravel in the side yard.
  • Concrete: No longer confined to flat, boring and grey, concrete may be stamped or stained contrasting colors and textured to reduce slipperiness. Concrete is a popular material for paver bricks as well.
  • Brick: Masonry in various forms lends a rustic, organic beauty to any project it is part of. Old-fashioned red brick makes a lovely seating wall, or an outdoor kitchen might be crafted from fireproof bricks.
  • Metal: This material can be crafted into cool, sleek outdoor furniture or wrought into ornate and stately fencing. Metal elements can bring a modern design aesthetic to Irvine yards.

Hardscaping Adds Dimension to Your Irvine Property

Now that we’ve sparked your imagination with some of the warm, natural hardscape materials you can use in your dream landscape design, here are some project ideas that you might want to consider:

  • Water features: The sound of running water is soothing, so water features add tranquility to your outdoor spaces. We can provide bubbler rocks, loose gravel and more necessities to your water feature vision.
  • Paving: Whether you choose concrete walkways, flagstone paths or brick pavers, we can help you delineate your yard into multiple functional spaces.
  • Fences: We can provide you the privacy you expect on your own property while adding architectural interest to the margins.
  • Walls: Brick, concrete block or stone work walls and seating walls provide containment and structural support in many yards.
  • Stairways: Get where you need to go in style with decorative and functional steps.
  • Pergolas: Create outdoor rooms and protect your guests from the sun with strategically placed pergolas.

Get the help of a Professional Hardscape Service

We are ready at Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. to help you realize your landscape dreams and turn your backyard into the oasis you’ve been envisioning. Give us a call today to learn how to get started. Our hardscaping services are the perfect fit to create the esthetic that you’ve always wanted, for your home or commercial property.

With over five years serving the community in Irvine and a coveted A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. is a hardscaping and landscaping service you can trust.